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I ❤️ Bernards Township (there are MANY reasons why), and that is why I have decided to seek the opportunity to serve the people of our great community. Our town, steeped in colonial and revolutionary history had an active part in the founding of our amazing country, we have a top-rated school system which my children have been fortunate to benefit from, a first-class park system, and a warm welcoming community.

I am proud to call Bernards my home and I promise to always put our Community First. And my goal is for future generations to enjoy the same positive experiences my family has had.

As, I meet many of you while campaigning until November and hopefully while leading you forward into 2020, I hope you will share with me what you love about Bernards, what community means to you, and what you want to see in our town’s future. #CommunityFirst

Here we go…I ❤️ Bernards...Reason #1 Cast your line and hook the biggest fish! The week of April 7th was Bernards Parks & Recreation’s Spring into Summer Week which culminated with the Annual Fishing Derby.

Bernards loves families and my sons loved the Annual fishing Derby. They have grown and flown, and we never hooked the biggest fish but we hooked the biggest smiles. I had a great time attending this year’s Derby with Bernards’ youngest generation and seeing their big smiles.

That’s Bernards #funforfamilies #makingmemories


I ❤️ Bernards…Reason #2…Elected representatives and residents working together is government at its best.

Like me, Bernards Mayor Carol Bianchi believes that an open communicative government is good government. In January Mayor Carol Bianchi pledged a commitment to greater communication and opportunities for Bernards residents to be engaged, and to that end she formed four resident task forces.

One of the newly formed task forces, the Communications Task Force is seeking your input on Township communications. Your opinion is valued, so please take a minute to complete the survey linked by clicking on the picture to the left.

Thank you to Mayor Bianchi and the Task Force members!

That’s Bernards!  #CommunityFirst #TrueLeadershipShines #GoodGovernment


I ❤️ Bernards...Reason #3...Holi Festival of Colors. Today, April 27th, I celebrated the start of spring with the hues of pinks, blues, yellows, and greens while playing Holi with the BRIC - Basking Ridge Indian Community.

Holi is popularly known as the Festival of Spring or the Festival of Colors. It signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring, it honors the triumph of good over evil, it is a festive day to meet new friends and see old friends, to play and laugh together, and to share.

Our community has families from many different cultures and religions, and we celebrate how each contribute to our great town in their own unique way. Our celebration and appreciation of diverse cultures is why so many of us have chosen to call Bernards our home.

I believe in community first, and community first is celebrating the colors of spring with your community.

That’s Bernards #CommunityFirst #HOLI #OneCommunity


I ❤️ Bernards...Reason #4...The selfless generosity of those in our community. On Saturday, May 4th, I laughed the night away while supporting our volunteer 🚒 Liberty Corner Fire Company (LCFC), at their Spring Comedy Night.

These dedicated volunteers provide services 24/7/365. They miss holiday dinners and celebrations with their families and friends, many a good night’s sleep, and selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe. Their rescue area covers approximately 18 square miles of Bernards’ 26 and over 6,500 residences and business. The demand for their services has grown steadily over the past 5 years, and they currently have only 59 members who responded to 500 calls in 2018.

LCFC, you are amazing! Thank you for saving our hearts, homes, and protecting our community.

That’s Bernards…#CommunityFirst #Fire #Rescue #Hero #firerescue #firstresponder #SupportOurHeros

Please click on the fire engine to make a donation to LCFC 🚒



I ❤️Love Bernards…Reason #5…Charter Day, when our community comes together.

Charter Day is the celebration of the anniversary of the charter establishing the Township of Bernardston, granted by King George of England II on May 24, 1760, in honor of the Royal Governor Francis Bernard. Yes, our town is the namesake of a British Loyalist but more importantly our town’s history is steeped in the history of the American Revolution, and our fight for independence. French Troops camped overnight at the English farm, in Liberty Corner before they marched south to the final victory against British General Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown, where Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington ending the American Revolutionary war. Elias Boudinot, a Basking Ridge resident is credited with introducing the resolution calling upon George Washington to proclaim a national day of Thanksgiving, that was first celebrated on November, 26th, 1778.

Charter Day isn’t just about the anniversary celebrating the founding of our town but is rather the celebration of the founding of a community. A community that fought for independence and freedom from religious persecution, a community that accepts others and is thankful. 

That's Bernards... #CommunityFirst #BattleAtYorktown


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